Our Mission

Vancouver HiCap Community Association

Our mission is to support the unique social, emotional, and academic needs of Highly Capable students in the Vancouver Public School District, so they may reach their full potential, as codified in WA State Law.

We will approach this mission through:


Fostering communication and opportunities for connection within the Highly Capable learning community.


Providing resources to educate community members about the needs of Highly Capable students, and increasing awareness of the programs available to them in our district.


Advocating to the VPS School Board and district administration to reduce barriers for equitable access, and for the continued excellence in the program.

Our Story

The Vancouver HCA is a brand new Nonprofit organization; we were just founded in the spring of 2022. It was started by a group of parents in Vancouver, WA, that saw a need in their local community and decided to step up and do something to help.

Having a Highly Capable student comes with a unique set of challenges and needs. Sometimes it can feel like we are an island, but we don't need to be. We are better and stronger together! We can share and learn from each other. We founded this association with a vision of creating opportunities for our families to join together, share resources, and have a strong voice to advocate for our highly capable students.

We have been working hard to get this up and running and we hope that you will join us!

The Board

The Vancouver HCA is governed by a board of directors. The inaugural board members are:

  • Alison Sundwall

  • Mindy Chumbley

  • Nigel Noriega

  • Brooke Deets

Members can request to see our Bylaws.