James and Susie: "An allegory about what happens to smart kids who skate through elementary school, and don't get opportunities to develop persistence, grit, and the true self-confidence that comes from knowing how to tackle a genuine challenge."

Myths about Gifted Students:

Articles on Equity in HiCap Programs in Washington State:

"...changing the service models will do nothing to fix the equity problems. What it will do is make everyone feel better, because the inequity won’t be so immediately visible anymore. But this sweeps the problem under the rug, and will allow inequities to continue unchecked. Let’s focus our efforts instead on actually removing the barriers and using research-based practices to identify highly capable students in all of our demographic groups." - What do Seattle and NYC Have in Common?

"...we need to reframe the conversation: HiCap programs are a vital “whole child” intervention for vulnerable students who would likely not be successful with a conventional approach. Hence, we need to seek out EVERY child who needs that intervention, in order to best support students’ long term outcomes." - Austina De Bonte, President,

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